Should I Do A Master’s Degree? How Postgraduate Study Can Help You Stand Out !

Lying in Bed one night after a long hard day at university I could not get four words out of my head that spouted out of my Lecturers mouth. “Everyone’s got a degree” he proclaimed during a lecture that I had that day. Those four words suddenly rung alarms bells in my head as I suddenly jolted upright in my seat and began to listen to him. He went on to suggest postgraduate study as an option for us claiming it had been beneficial for him and made him stand out in a job market that was full of individuals with Bachelor’s degrees. It dawned upon me that with no work experience the thought of entering the Job market with nothing on my CV but retail experience was a daunting one.

After much pondering, I began applying for Jobs in Marketing (My area of study). Upon searching and applying for jobs, I found that the majority of marketing vacancies were in the Digital Marketing sector. After numerous unsuccessful job applications, I had decided to enrol onto a MSc Digital Marketing course at the University of Salford.

Some of you may ask how a Masters will help me stand out, well…

The Skills I have gained and developed will most definitely help me stand out and find a graduate in Marketing. My first skill that I gained is digital analytical skills. I developed these skills during a digital and marketing analysis module where we were taught how to interpret digital statistics using Google analytics. This is highly sought out skill for Digital Marketers as upon talking to employers at industry events many had gone into detail about interpreting digital data as an essential skill that is required for many Digital Marketing roles such as PPC and SEO. I further developed my analytical skills when I was taught how to use IBM SPSS software. This is a software used by Digital Marketers when identifying relationships between data sets such as correlation and cross-tabulation. I believe learning and developing digital analytical skills has prepared me for employment within the Digital Marketing sector.

I had also gained and developed substantial blogging skills. In the Business Innovation Module, we were required to use our creativity skills to come up with an Innovative idea using Internet of Things. I came up with the idea of a Restaurant Menu App using enhanced digital content to give an interactive view of Restaurant menus. The whole experience was an invigorating one which also involved the creation of a Digital Poster and creating a WordPress account. Learning how to use WordPress was also a fantastic experience as I had learnt how to Blog in an interactive format that involved the use of pictures, audio and video.

All in all, I feel that by studying a Masters a degree I have gained essential knowledge and skills in an industry that is very quickly evolving. Perhaps the most important part of my masters was that it had enabled me to find out my passion and what area of Marketing I would like to have a career in. The area that I feel most passionate about is PPC and SEO. I am adamant about going into a Job role as a PPC or SEO executive as the skills that I have developed whilst studying my postgraduate degree have gave me the confidence that I am more than capable of fulfilling the job requirement.  


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